The Perfect Match!

At your wedding, you will likely plan things so that there is some consistency. Your flowers at your ceremony may match the color used for your bridemaid's dresses for example. When things match - it's a positive thing! We recognize this at OurBigDayInfo, and are delighted to offer our couples matching wedding invites which 'match' their wedding website theme.

Save Money Designing & Printing Your Invites!

With our matching invites feature (premium site), you can save money on the design of your wedding invitations. Not only this, but you can also save money in sending your invites too! All premium site customers automatically recieve their printer-friendly eCard invite when they create their wedding website. You can choose from a 'Save The Date' or even a 'You're Invited' style. Once you have your eCard, you can choose to go to print with a high street printer, or alternatively not print, and just invite your wedding guests via the OurBigDayInfo online portal. For those couples who wish to print, they will have a beautiful invite sized to fit an A6 envelope. For those who decide to avoid the costs of printing, sending your eCard invite via the OurBigDayInfo portal is simply a matter of uploading your guest's email addresses, and then hitting 'Send'.

Consistency between how your wedding website and invitations look is a huge positive!

Choose between 'Save The Date' or 'You're Invited'

Some couples may wish to inform their guests about their wedding date long before they officially invite them. Our 'Save The Date' eCard is the pefect way to let your wedding guests know your wedding date. As for an offical invite, you can easily switch to a 'You're Invited' style eCard in one click. Your eCard is then updated on your wedding website - ready for sending to your wedding guests. Some couples may only use a 'Save The Date' eCard. Others may only use the 'You're Invited' template, however some may choose to use both. OurBigDayInfo provides flexibility in how your eCard is used when you are sending eCards to your wedding guests.

Don't have a wedding website yet?

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