Creating a wedding website is not only very useful for your wedding but is also one of the more fun wedding planning tasks. We've listed 9 advantages of why every couple should create a wedding website for their big day:

1. Much more than a paper invite

With a wedding website from OurBigDayInfo, you can share so much more information than you can on a traditional paper invite! Does this mean you no longer need paper invites for guests? - not at all - we think that having a wedding website is a perfect complement for your paper invites, with most OurBigDayInfo couples putting their wedding website address at the bottom of their invitation. For tips on how to phrase wording on your paper invitations for the purposes of informing your guests about your wedding site, please see our helpful little article on this.

2. All your big day wedding info in one place

As our name 'OurBigDayInfo' suggests, we are all about wedding websites which help couples communicate important wedding info to their guests. Allowing your guests to find all related wedding information in one virtual place makes so much sense. You can list ceremony & reception times, include maps and directions, list places for your guests to stay, and useful services such as hairdressers, beauticans. With a wedding website from OurBigDayInfo Wedding Websites, you are in full control of the information that you put on it. Your guests can access your wedding website 24/7, allowing you to spend less time dealing with travel, accomodation and other queries, whilst freeing up your time to get on with some of the more important wedding tasks.

3. Provide convenience to your guests

A wedding website shows that you are providing convenience to your guests from the beginning. Wedding Websites are now becoming a standard 'must have' for all couples getting married.

4. Change of plans? No problem!

Small adjustment to the ceremony time? ... no problemo! Unlike a paper invite where information is permanent, with a wedding website from OurBigDayInfo, you can make updates to any of your wedding info, right up to the day of the wedding itself. Making a change to the website e.g. ceremony start time, will take you a few minutes. Without a wedding website, the last thing any couple needs is the incovenience of contacting guests individually to inform them of any changes.

5. It's eco-friendly!

Believe it or not - by having a wedding website you'll be doing your bit for the environment. With our RSVP and online evite feature your website will ensure that wedding guests no longer need to post back paper RSVP replies - this saves on stamps and paper!

A Wedding Website from OurBigDayInfo is the perfect way to guarantee 100% communication with your guests on all your big day info and details.

6. No one gets lost

Travelling becomes so much easier for your wedding guests. Whether you are having a local wedding or leaving the country, having a wedding website will allow you to communicate helpful tavel information to guests. You can include map links for how to get there, and even link directly to hotel and bed & breakfast accommodation, making it easy for your guests to plan their travel.

7. Online RSVPs

Collecting your wedding guest's RSVPs direct from your wedding website is one of the best advantages to having a wedding website. Your wedding guests fill in a simple RSVP form on your site, then hit 'Send RSVP' to confirm whether they are attending your wedding. You immediately get an RSVP Email alert with all details for that guest. You can find out if they are going, how many are in their party (adults children etc), and even collect other info such as their meal choice for your wedding reception - as you will read below in point No. 10. You can also download all the RSVPs you have recieved at any time from ALL guests in an 'RSVP Report', to have a full birds eye view of all your wedding guests. RSVP Reports are perfect for forwarding to your wedding venue, for the purposes of a head count - and also guest meal choices.

8. Save money on phone calls!

If you add your wedding site's address to your invites, in the age of both computer desktops, tablets and mobile phones - your guests will no doubt check it regularly - therefore saving on phone calls to you asking for details about your big day.

9. Collect meal choices and other important info

Give your venue a heads up in advance of the big day to let them know which meal your guests have chosen for the reception dinner. You can also modify your RSVP form to collect any information which helps make planning your wedding more easy. Some couples may ask guests how long they are staying in the area. This helps couples figure out numbers for any events the day after the big day itself. You may even want to take your guest's song requests! Each wedding is unique and that is why our RSVP forms are fully flexible - so that you can gather the info you need which is important to you.



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